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Truffle Hunting at Turalla Truffles

Hunting for truffles with Damian & his family!

28th July 2015

Turalla Truffles
Bungendore, 2621 NSW

Photographs & Words by Sophie

Truffle Hunting at Turalla Truffles

One of the first stops on our Snowy Mountains adventure was to go truffle hunting at Turalla Truffles. This was a late addition to the itinerary but was the one we were most excited about. This season in particular feels like truffles are everywhere so we couldn’t wait to get in on the action.

We arrived at 11.30am and were greeted like old best mates by the owner Damian. He welcomed us into his house where we met his wife, Lindsay, and the whole family including four of the most adorable Jack Russell dogs – their truffle hunters. We chatted over a lovely cup of tea before hopping into the truck to drive over to one of their two trufferies to go hunting with their dog, Three, in tow.

I’d never given much thought about the growing of truffles and just how much goes into it so it was an incredibly interesting lesson! Damian is one of the most passionate people I’ve ever met so after spending a couple hours with him and his family, Dad & I were so inspired and gained a whole new perspective on everything truffle! The way in which Damian and Three work together is so amazing to watch and quite hilarious because Three is actually their retired hunter (he’s 12 years old) but was desperate to come and I don’t blame him – who wouldn’t want to come when you get a treat every time you sniff up a fresh truffle.

After our fantastic hunting adventure, we made our way back to the house with a bunch of fresh truffles on board. Damian had bought some fresh pasta from the market the day before, so we cut it into pappardelle and whipped up the most delectable pasta that consisted of truffle butter, cream & a healthy dose of fresh black truffle. It was sublime! We sat at their kitchen table as if we were old family friends and chatted about truffles, food, skiing and the amazing snowy mountains region! I find it hard to explain but it was seriously one of the best food experiences we have ever had and I haven’t even mentioned that we also got to taste truffle brie, truffle pate & truffle vodka shots! THE BEST!

If you would like to book a truffle hunt with Damian and his family then you find all the details here. I cannot recommend it enough – we plan on going for a truffle hunt every single winter season now! Thanks so much to Damian, Lindsay & their dogs for the most amazing experience!

This visit was supported by Destination NSW. For further information on the Snowy Mountains visit

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