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Tropical Breakfast Bar

Fresh, vibrant, happy & delicious! Entertain your friends with a tropical inspired breakfast bar!

26th February 2016


Photography, Styling & Words by Sophie

Flowers by Oh Flora

Watercolour illustrations & Hand Lettering by My Creative Space

Coasters, Plates & Bowls by West Elm

Tropical Breakfast Bar

If only every single day started with a breakfast as fresh & vibrant as this one. With the oppressive summer heat we’ve recently been having, I’ve been so inspired by everything tropical; from the fruits, to the colours, the smells & the ocean. Everything about it just screams ‘paradise‘!

So instead of running away on a tropical adventure, I was really inspired to bring the tropics to our backyard & have a poolside breakfast bar! It was so much fun & the most inspiring way to start a fresh new summers day. I had my super talented Tanya from Oh Flora, do the flowers for me and had Leah from My Creative Space do some custom tropical inspired watercolour illustrations & hand lettering to really take it up the next level – she was absolutely amazing to work with! Plus, West Elm is one of my all-time favourite homeware stores and I really wanted to incorporate them into the scene too, so a lot of the bowls, plates & coasters are from them! It looked like the most crazy colourful & vibrant set-up and I just couldn’t stop taking photos.

For the actual food part of the morning, I had; watermelon, pineapple, coconuts, dragon fruit, passion fruits, kiwi fruits, peaches, plums, papaya, grapefruit, mangoes, strawberries, pomegranate, & some really interesting mini orange fruits that I can now no longer remember the name of, but were very refreshing. It was mainly all about the fruit, but it was nice to have a little muesli in there too! Next time I’m definitely planning to have acai in the mix too & perhaps some green smoothies, just to make it super “instagram” haha!

I think this is such a fun summer entertaining idea or even for a delicious weekend brunch with your family!

“I want to wake up early, take great photos, eat fresh fruit, swim in the ocean, breathe in the salty air, sit under palm trees & go on adventures with you”

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