Snowy Mountains Region, NSW

Food & wine odyssey around one of our favourite regions of beautiful NSW.

23rd July 2015

Snowy Mountains Region, NSW

By Sophie

Snowy Mountains Region, NSW

I’ve grown up going down to Thredbo every single year. It’s where my brother, Eddy, & I learnt to ski and where I did two seasons ski instructing. This was all because of Dad. He is truly ski obsessed and it’s trickled down to both of his kids (while Mum, who broke her leg in 6 places while skiing, relaxes by the fire with a book in hand). I feel as if the Snowy Mountains region of NSW is my home away from home. But little did I know just how little I knew about this incredible region before going on this amazing five day food & wine odyssey/extravaganza!

Destination NSW reached out to Dad & I to see if we wanted to do a story on this particularly stunning region of the beautiful state that we call home. We couldn’t say ‘yesssssssssssss!!!!’ fast enough! It was seriously a dream come true having the opportunity to discover more about the region that we already love so much!

Thredbo is approximately a 6 hour drive south from Sydney. In the past, we have only ever deviated off from the main highway to stay a night in Canberra. We would usually get there late and leave early the next morning without having the chance to explore around the region at all. With Destination NSW putting our itinerary together, we got to visit so many places we previously wouldn’t have thought about going to. It was the most incredible adventure – see the images and our itinerary below.


Top: Stepping off the little plane at Canberra Airport
Middle: Truffle Hunting with Damian, The Kosciuszko Hot Pot at Eagles Nest in Thredbo, On the road from Yass to Jindabyne, Thredbo
Bottom: Smoked Meat tasting at Poaches Pantry with Fanny, Relaxing on the porch with Busta at Moonbah Huts

Day One:

We flew down from Sydney to Canberra on the Sunday morning and arrived at 9am. We picked up our hire car and drove straight out of the ACT and back into NSW.

Our first stop was Poachers Pantry for a smoked meat & wine tasting (never too early for wine tasting) with Fanny. We instantly wished we had more time here as we saw how beautiful it was and how great the cafe menu is! We tried an incredible array of some of the most delicious smoked meats and bought some smoked lamb prosciutto for the road trip! We didn’t have the chance to go, but Robyn Rowe Chocolates is just down the road from Poachers Pantry and have been told that it’s fantastic!

After our smoked meat tasting we jumped back in the car and drove to Turalla Truffles where we had the most incredible truffle hunt with Damian (pictured) and his family! We will be posting a full dedicated post on our late morning/early afternoon spent at Turalla Truffles so I won’t say too much here but we absolutely loved everything about our truffle hunt with Damian! We recommend booking a hunt with him 100000%!

Edit: See more about our amazing time at Turalla Truffles here.


Top: Frosty Thredbo at the top of Merritts, Turalla Truffles, Tasting the delicious Schnapps at Wildbrumby.
Middle: Getting a tour of Eden Road Winery
Bottom: Down by the Thredbo River after a great day of skiing, the amazing Entree at Grazing restaurant, Hot chocolates at Merritts cafe Thredbo, The road from Moonbah Huts to Jindabyne

Day One Continued:

After our incredible truffle hunting experience, we drove to Grazing in Gundaroo for lunch. Dad and I were absolutely blown away by the incredible food, service, ambiance and interior. We sat by the fire in a cosy little room filled with local families and had such a great dining experience. Coming from Sydney, you don’t often expect rural restaurants like Grazing to be as incredible as it is. It’s always such a nice surprise! Find Grazing’s menu here. When you next find yourself in the Snowy Mountains region, definitely head to Grazing for lunch or dinner!

Next it was onto an afternoon wine tasting extravaganza at Eden Road Wines. We arrived 5 minutes before their cellar door was closing, but ended up staying for an hour and a half! Mike and Paul were so informative and gave us the best introduction into Eden Road Wines! The Canberra wine region are producing some fantastic wines and spending the afternoon at Eden Road made us want to do a full tour of this exceptional wine region! We tasted a wide array of Eden Road Wines and loved every single one which is rare! Few wine companies as young or as small as Eden Road have won as many prestigious awards and after tasting them, we can see why they are doing so well!


TOP: Snowshoeing at the top of Thredbo, Snowy Mountains Cookies galore (so yum!!!).
MIDDLE: Greg & David - the owners of The Globe Inn, Steak burger at Alpine Larder at Lake Crackenback resort, The view from Eagles Nest, Cosy room at Grazing Restaurant.
BOTTOM: Cooking up a storm with Damian at Turalla Truffles

The Globe Inn + Day Two:

After our incredible wine tasting, we drove to the cute country town of Yass. Unfortunately we were there on a Sunday which means the town was quite dead. The best thing though, is that we stayed at The Globe Inn – the most beautiful B&B (circa 1847)! Owned by the lovely David & Greg who greeted us so warmly before giving us a tour of the Inn. Accommodation consists of five guest bedrooms, all with ensuites. Our room was so superb, spacious & relaxing with two of the most comfiest beds! After dinner (with only limited options on a Sunday night, our dinner spot was nothing to write home about) we came back and enjoyed a port in the beautiful lounge room. The perfect nightcap in a fantastic place.

The next morning we quickly packed up and headed down to breakfast. It was seriously delicious – zucchini tart with smoked salmon and roasted tomatoes. It made me want to recreate it in the WTC Kitchen!

After our amazing breakfast, we said goodbye to David & Greg before jumping into the car and road tripping it to Jindabyne. The drive from Yass to Jindabyne will take you just under 3 hours. It is an absolutely beautiful drive through rolling hills and tiny cute towns.

Our first stop was lunch at Wildbrumby Schnapps Distillery & Cafe which is past Jindabyne and on the Alpine Way. We have been to Wildbrumby before during many visits to Thredbo and it never disappoints. We had the most amazing lunch there – it’s one of our favourite spots in the whole region. We will be talking more about Wildbrumby when we post about Thredbo in more detail so stay tuned.


TOP: Delicious soup of the day at Wildbrumby, Bucketing snow in Thredbo, Snowy Mountains cookies.
MIDDLE: Stunning Moonbah Huts, Dad in Thredbo village
MIDDLE: The garden at Grazing restaurant, frozen trees at thredbo, Eagles Nest, the breakfast room at The Globe Inn
Bottom: Dad's main meal of Kangaroo at Grazing.

Day Two Continued:

Once we finished lunch at Wildbrumby, we made our way to where we were staying that night which was Moonbah Hut. For all the time dad and I (+ our whole family) have spent in Jindabyne and Thredbo, we had never heard of Moonbah Hut. It was such a treat to find out about this place! We were greeted by the owner, Brett & his son, Ted + their adorable dog Busta and all the chickens!

There are two huts on the property – the lake hut and the river hut. We stayed in the river hut which is absolutely magnificent. It comfortably sleeps 5 people and features a huge stone open fireplace. While here, the plan was to go fly fishing in Moonbah River with Brett, however, the weather wasn’t cooperating (too windy) so Dad & I took the opportunity to relax. Dad read the paper in front of the fire while I sat out on the porch with a cup of tea and cuddled Busta. It’s a truly marvellous place (even if it was a little scary for my crazy imaginative mind as soon as night falls haha).

Our dinner plans were back in Jindabyne’s town centre so we jumped back in the car and drove back into town, which takes approximately 15 minutes (you might have to dodge some adorable cows on the road). Our dinner reservations were at the amazing Cocina Mexican Grill & Cantina. We started the night with margaritas up at their new cocktail bar. We tried the Jalapeno & Cucumber magarita which was deeeelicious! Then it was back downstairs for the food! Their menu features many signature Mexican favourites including tacos, ribs and fajitas – all with a fresh and tangy twist. You’ll also find nachos, chilli lime squid, spicy Mexican chicken wings and deliciously fresh salads. We ordered a nice big array and absolutely loved everything! This is the exact type of restaurant that Jindabyne was crying out for – it is absolutely perfect for the town while offering some seriously delicious food and fun atmosphere. We would 100% recommend making Cocina the first place you think of to go for dinner when ever you’re in Jindabyne!


TOP: Hot chocolates by the fire at Thredbo Alpine Hotel, cuddling with Busta at Moonbah Hut, getting an amazing tour of the Snowy Mountains Cookie factory by Nolan, line up of tasting glasses at Eden Road.
MIDDLE: The beautiful Heresford cattle you'll come across around the region
BOTTOM: Dad skiing through the beautiful winter wonderland at Thredbo, View of Yass from the spacious veranda at The Globe Inn, Cocina's interior fit-out is so much fun without being slightly tacky!

Day Three, Four & Five at Thredbo:

The next morning, after a beautifully peaceful sleep, we woke up early and made our way to Thredbo! 

We will be posting a full separate post about the Thredbo segment of our trip so will keep this nice and short until then. It was just so much fun to be back in the incredibly beautiful village of Thredbo – we were so lucky with the timing of our trip that we had so much snow fall in the lead up to us getting there. Thredbo’s village is magical all year round but there’s nothing else quite like it when it’s covered in a blanket of fresh snow. We had an absolutely fantastic time and had the amazing opportunity to dine out at some of Thredbo’s many beautiful cafes & restaurants while also having the time to get some great skiing in and even an incredibleeeee snowshoeing adventure! We LOVE Thredbo!


Top: Incredible snowshoeing experience.
Middle Top: fajitas at cocina, beautiful NSW
Middble bottom: Busta and River Hut at Moonbah, Going for a ski, dinner at Segreto in Thredbo, Seeing the process of baking the cookies at Snowy Mountains Cookies.
Bottom: Cellar door at Eden Road, Yummiest breakfast at The Globe Inn

Day Five - after leaving Thredbo:

On our last day of this amazing trip, we had a sensational morning ski before returning our rentals at midday. We checked out of Thredbo Alpine Hotel and made our way back down the Alpine Way to Lake Crackenback Resort for a fantastic lunch at the cafe there called Alpine Larder.

The Alpine Larder provides warm country style service in a super relaxed setting. It was the exact kind of place Dad & I were craving for a post-ski lunch! Traditional wood fired pizzas, delicious pastas, mouthwatering tapas, and beautiful salads are on offer. Dad and I shared a pizza and the steak sandwich and loved them both! We would definitely return back here again and again on our next visits to the area.

We also had the opportunity to quickly drive around the resort and were truly blown away by the incredible accommodation. This is a fantastic place to stay if you’re wanting to ski at both Thredbo & Perisher! Win-win!


TOP: Alpine Larder at Lake Crackenback resort, the truffle pappardelle pasta of my dreams, on the road to the snow.
MIDDLE: our amazing lunch at Wildbrumby, Ski shop in Thredbo, Schnapps at Eagles Nest, Yazzbar in Yass.
BOTTOM: The road to Moonbah Hut.

Day Five continued:

After our beautifully comforting lunch, we drove back on in to Jindabyne for our last stop on the trip – a visit to the factory of Snowy Mountains CookiesWe were greeted by the seriously lovely and passionate Nolen. We then slipped some white aprons over our clothes and hair nets over our heads before stepping into the amazing purpose-built commercial kitchen that Nolen and his wife Daisy created from scratch. Daisy is the creator, heart and soul behind Snowy Mountains Cookies and supported by Nolen, the couple have established an amazing fast growing regional business. The idea behind the name was genius & tells you just how beautifully fresh and natural the Snowy Mountains region is;

“We use an iconic location in Australia as our brand name which is important to us as it reflects a strong image of the clean, fresh and natural environment that not only encompasses the location in which the cookies are baked but is also a true reflection of our all-natural cookies.”

Daisy & Nolen have done such an outrageously incredibly job with their business. They can bake from 15,000-30,000 cookies a day and one of their biggest clients is Qantas! I was walking around the factory feeling so inspired! We left with a sack full of the most delicious cookies – cookies that taste 400x better now because we have seen the whole process that goes into making one! It’s so worth it because they truly are some of the best cookies we’ve ever tasted!


Row 1: Stack of delicious cookies straight out of the oven, Dad reading the paper in front of the fire at Moonbah Hut, The Globe Inn, Road tripping.
Row 2: Enjoying the delicious truffle Pappardelle, on the porch at Moonbah, Wine over lunch at Central road 2625 in Thredbo.
Row 3: Top of Kosci Chair, beautiful Thredbo village.
Row 4: River Hut at Moonbah Hut
Row 5: Moonbah River, Heresford Cattle
Row 6: cosy fireplace at Agave bar at Cocina, the garden at The Globe Inn, Schnappy-cino at Wildbrumby, lightly frozen wood logs at Moonbah
Row 7: Trying wines from the barrel at Eden road, cooking up a storm with Damian at Turalla Truffles.

Such a great trip around one of our favourite regions of the whole incredible country! Stay tuned for more.

Thank you to Destination NSW for sending us on this seriously amazing trip!

This visit was supported by Destination NSW. For further information on the Snowy Mountains visit

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