Meet the Team

it's all in the family


Father & cook.

Loves: skiing, skiing & more skiing. Food, food, & more food. Wine, wine & more wine. Watching the cricket on a hot summers day, winding George up about beating England in the Ashes, chatting endlessly with Eddy about skiing, American country music, Breaking Bad marathons, the harsh Australian countryside, making homemade pasta, Sydney’s northern beaches, especially Sundays at Whale Beach with Jude, a good Riesling, a good Chardonnay, a good Pinot Noir and a good Shiraz, cooking with Soph!


Daughter & photographer.

Loves: produce markets (!!), a great (strong) cup of coffee, super slow chilled out mornings, skiing with Eddy & Dad, afternoon light, fresh seafood with a crisp white wine, bonfires & summer barbecues, ripe avocados, fresh flowers, the mountains, Sydney’s northern beaches, being bare foot, the English countryside, American country music, burgers & beers, fresh limes & coriander & chilli, hiking and the great outdoors, cooking with dad!


Andrew's son. Sophie's brother.

Best thing about WTC?
It makes creating an amazing looking (and scrumptiously tasting) dish so much more attainable even for those without a practiced hand in the kitchen!


Andrew's wife. Sophie's mum.

Best thing about WTC?
The amazing food and the enthusiasm, passion and excitement! I love that my husband and daughter & are such a great team!


Sophie's husband. Andrew's son-in-law.

Best thing about WTC?
It is INSPIRING, WTC brings together everything that is good about life - food, family, friends, adventures and good times!