For Big Memory Boosts ,Add The Regular Exercise Regime.

From our childhood we have been taught about the wellness. Early to bed and early to rise makes you healthy , wealthy and wise . This is aplicabe for the morning exercise as well.We all know the benefits of doing exercise daily. It makes us physically and mentally strong .

And we also know that it helps to improve the function of our brain. On this say many researches have done by many institutions and industries. Recently, new researches have shown that short exercises have better impact on our brain. Even first time exercise had shown the immediate results which conclude that as much as you do exercise it immediately inhaces the functioning of brain.

After this it had concluded that the more you put efforts into your exercise the better the improvement results you get. Lets think that as much as you put more exertion to your workout you are able to get same level of boosts and stability for your brain . Predict that how much boost you will get when you continue to do exercise with the same level of intensity regularly

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These researches had showed by the Cognitive Neuroscience Society. In their annual meeting on 24th of march 2019 they showed their researcher.

They did this research on 34 volunteers, whose average age were 67 and they have given the baseline FMRI (Functional MRI) scan which shows brain activity. They conducted a memory test as well in which volunteers had to remember the different faces of strangers. The researchers told the volunteers to do exercise for 20 minutes on a stationary bicycle that could measure up their physical activities.

This has done just for the first time but after that they did the same process after every exercise ,the fMRI and memory tests. Which gave them the pre and post data of brain activities during exercise . Then volunteers were divided into two groups based on their level of exercise either high intensity or low intensity groups .

This process had been done for 3 month. 50 minutes of exercise each time , three times in a week. After the three months of regular exercise and procedure . Finally it showed that , now all the volunteers had improved cardio fitness.

Researchers have found that volunteers who did their exercise on high intensity have secured more scores than those volunteers who did their exercise on low intensity.

Which means that the level and pattern of inhanceme of brain is totally depend on the level of exertion you put in the exercise. This research shows that as much as you put more exertion to your workout regime the more you improve your mental health and memory as well.

But even if you start with low intensity workout for longer time and if day by day you will increase your level then definetly you will achieve your goal of sharpen and stable mind. This will be the key for the overall wellness.


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