About Us

What To Cook is a father daughter (Andrew and Sophie) team based in Sydney, Australia.

Hello :) I’m Sophie, half of the What To Cook team. My dad, Andrew (above left), makes up the other half. He is incredibly passionate about food & home cooking and is amazingly intuitive & creative in the kitchen even though he’s self-taught and has only ever taken one cooking class. Everything I know about cooking is through being his sous chef and from watching him cook through taking the photos for WTC.

I fell in love with photography after I started my own personal blog, The Littlest Things. I was living in England at the time with my now husband, George, and got a Nikon D3000 for my 21st birthday. I became obsessed with taking photos to document my life in England and the passion for photography kept on growing.

The idea of starting a website together came during an extended 4 month visa-related visit back from England to Sydney. Dad & I would cook up these amazing long weekend lunches together for family and friends! We would get so inspired and excited about what we would be cooking every week. Dad and I would go to the market together, collect all the produce, come back home and cook up a delicious lunch for everyone. I would always be documenting these lunches through photography for my blog (check them out here, here & here). It was around this time when the idea of starting something like What To Cook popped into Dad’s head. He said that we should combine our two passions together and form a website to help people get inspired to cook during the week. I thought it was an amazingly fun idea and here we are, a couple of years later, with our website! We love it!

All the recipes on What To Cook are my dad’s (unless otherwise stated). We cook them together whilst I also photograph them, he writes the recipe up and then I post them. If you cook one of our recipes, remember to tag us on Instagram & Twitter with #wtcgram! We absolutely love seeing them :)

The lifestyle section is my area of the website where you can find stories on everything food-related outside of the kitchen including; travel, entertaining, eating out, interviews, wineries & farmers markets, plus lots more!

You won’t find my dad on the computer very often (too busy cooking up a storm) so all of the writing on lifestyle posts and introductions on recipe posts are written by me and are mainly from my perspective, which explains why this About page is written by me too :)


To put it simply, we hope to inspire you and make you, the home cook, feel you can create delicious and imaginative recipes for yourself and your loved ones! We hope that our website will answer the everyday question of ‘what should I cook tonight’?

What To Cook wouldn’t exist without the whole family! Read more about the whole family team here.

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[You can also find Sophie’s photography portfolio here]